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Measuring Guide

Just read the easy to follow instructions below.

Then all you'll need is a steel tape measure only 1 x Pen/pencil 1 x Pad of paper. Take care, accurate sizes are essential.

Always measure the width first and the drop second as that is the blind industry standard to avoid incorrect quotations or ultimately blinds that do not fit.

For rough quotations only you need the widest and the longest drop of the recess or how big you want the blind if fitted outside the recess.

Purchasing blinds customers own measurements

Before measuring choose the type of blind you require for the window as different types of blinds require you to find the widest and narrowest width of the recess and in the drop you need the largest and smallest drop of the recess. This is due to the fact that almost every window will not be perfectly square. Warning – remember to look out for tiling/dado or picture rail.

E.G. For a Venetian blind it is imperative you find the narrowest width of the recess as if you don’t the venation will either not be able to be fitted or when you fit it and drop it down it will jam at that narrowest part usually on top of part side tiling etc. These cannot be cut down by hand and usually you need to make a brand new blind.

Alternative suggested option

To avoid mistakes or ultimately save money buy not having to buy multiple blinds for the same window, why not take advantage of our FREE no Obligation Quotation Service and we will even fetch the showroom to the comfort of your own home or business and you can see the products and colour’s in the rooms they are intended for.

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